Blurred Ep

by S.M.O.G.



It is in a reality altered by hypnotism that Guilherme Krause and Diego Brinker are sending us into a dark Chamber Journey by their 2 Track Ep Release : Paranoid and Blurred .

Allied with the monstrous Florian Msk to conclude the story with his mental Bi-Mix, they have joined both worlds into a perfectly triangle shaped universe where you'll hear sirens of warning , feel deep dark Fog, Flashing the complex animal machinery army ready to emerge from their swampish hole (Paranoid).
...following with dense and wet atmospheres , open fields, ghosts around trying to communicate something incomprehensible, on a strange frequency that leads us into an ancient Ritual. Bringing new spirits into our world, preparing a tense and new reality to come (Blurred).

What S.M.O.G. is expressing in this ep, is a strong, mature and experienced techno approach by sharing and using years of music culture, inner art, channeled visions and delight for dark, deep and mysterious introspections through Minimal Techno.

If this ep satisfies your hunger, you will be overwhelmed to see how far this story will evolve with our futur D.M.T. Records Remix Edition Release in June 2013


released May 8, 2013

Produced By: S.M.O.G.
Mixed By: S.M.O.G
Mastering By: D.M.T. Records
Artwork By: D.M.T. Records
Text By: D.M.T. Records


all rights reserved



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